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K A L T J A   C O S M E T I C S

Body ingredients
are sourced from
local farmers
and ethical
wild harvesters.


In the Desert, with extreme environmental changes and harsh climates, we find plants known for their incredible longevity, beauty and power to adapt. They have a unique ability to renew and restore themselves; and they do the same for your skin. You can trust that our ingredients are straight from nature, proven to protect against aging, nourish skin cells, and fight free radical damage.


The products include densely concentrated nutrients and the perfect balance of trace minerals that support longer living healthy cells. Their age defying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are also much higher than plants growing in other regions. 


We use essential oils and phytonutrients to infuse added effectiveness into each product, whether for calming, cooling or lightening. Our non-toxic formulations deliver results that outshine all synthetic counterparts.

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