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The Kaltja® Brand represents superior quality products, ethically sourced direct from the farmer co-op and Traditional Custodians. This creates access to finite producers of cultural harvests aimed at extending the culinary crafts of Michelin Chefs, or providing quality products to consumers.


We take an interest in all stages of production from seed-to-fork with a focus on Exotic Produce, Native Superfood and what we call 'The Big Four' - Premium Coffee (A-Arabica | R1-Robusta), Cocoa, Bourbon Vanilla Bean and Honey.

Jagin is an edible perennial herb that is an integral part of Kunganji Gastronomy. Known as Alpinia caerulea, it is a Native Ginger plant found in tropical rainforest areas. 

The Kunganji view the whole plant as edible, from the lemon-ginger tasting berries that can be eaten straight from the tree, to the young tips of the underground stems that are a concentrate of ginger. 

The broad sword shaped green leaves can be dried and used as a tea but are often used to wrap vegetables, seafood and meat parcels infusing the aroma of natural ginger during the cooking process. 

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