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S O L A R  S A B R E  by  K A L T J A    

True Global Solutions
to support the
hardest to reach developing
Countries and
crisis markets with
rapid solar based responses.

The Solar Sabre by Kaltja addresses energy poverty by targeting the low-socio economic bottom of the equity pyramid, to create clean access to a basic life fundamental – light. 

Additionally, the sabre can be used to create a charge point for phones and USB devices,  with remote payment systems enabling continued activation and access to telecoms.

This makes the sabre, an essential item in disaster relief or for the outdoor traveler.

Guy reading to child sabre_TWEAK.png
Solar Sabre by Kaltja® is designed as a modular assembly and is fully serviceable to extend its working life.

This creates an opportunity to link to a global education partnership within curriculum frameworks.
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Rigorous Testing in energy poverty environments has

gone beyond proof of concept to develop

solid metrics.

Comes with a dedicated R&D team committed

to production, design, upgrade,

ideation and development.

1. Stainless Steel Housing
2. Battery
3. Drop in PCB/Smart Control Module
4. LED Light Strip Module

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